Snagmag Concealed Magazine Holster

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Snagmag is a patented (#US9170064B2) innovative new magazine holster that discreetly and comfortably allows you to carry an extra magazine with your concealed carry weapon.

Features Include:

  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • A Discreet Way to Carry an Extra Magazine
  • Doubles your Ammo
  • Disguised as a Pocketknife
  • Designed for a Fast Draw
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.


SnagMag LLC warrants their products for the lifetime of each product against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship. All accessories manufactured by SnagMag LLC are subject to a limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defect in materials and workmanship. The conditions of the warranty are: Products shall have been subject to only normal use and service and shall not have been misused, neglected, altered, improperly set up or otherwise damaged; and, there shall be no evidence of tampering or deliberate misuse or destruction. UPS packaging standards should be maintained, see Freight Damage. Defects to SnagMag LLC products will be determined solely by SnagMag LLC and not by any representative, distributor or dealer of, or for the company. Upon determination of a defect, SnagMag LLC’s sole obligation will be to repair or replace the defective part with same or similar product. Any claim against SnagMag LLC for defects in materials or workmanship must be in writing. SnagMag LLC must authorize the return of any alleged or defective part before it is returned. The party making the claim must prepay all shipping and transportation costs. SnagMag LLC will not accept charges for parts purchased unless the conditions of the warranty have been satisfied. SnagMag LLC reserves the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part there of, at any time without prior notice. In such cases SnagMag LLC may, at its sole discretion, substitute the warranted product. No SnagMag LLC representative, distributor or reseller is authorized to assume for SnagMag LLC any other obligations or liabilities in connection with the product, or alter the terms of this warranty in any way. SnagMag LLC shall not be liable for damages, including special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the performance of a SnagMag LLC product or its use by the owner. Non-SnagMag made products carry the warranty extended by their manufacturer.
Usually ships within 24 hours
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  • SnagMag

    Posted by Charles Miller on 18th Dec 2018

    Have a H&K VP9 sk and needed a mag carrier. I've been using SnagMag for my other guns. I saw that they didn't carry one for my weapon. I sent an extra magazine to them so they could find another model one that would fit or make one that would work. After about two weeks I got one back which works great. I will get another one from them whenever I get a new or used gun. Keep up the good work.

  • SnagMag Sig P365

    Posted by Dave Fernandez on 26th Nov 2018

    I think the SnagMag is a Great Product, I have several now for the following weapons.

    Sig 1911 45
    Sig P239 40Cal
    Sig P320 40Cal
    Sig P320 45
    and Now for my Sig P365

  • Snag Mag pocket magazine holster

    Posted by John Murphy on 26th Nov 2018

    Excellent, convenient, and secure way to carry that extra mag concealed!

  • Well made

    Posted by Krisstopher McQueen on 10th Nov 2018

    Great product

  • Magazine Holster

    Posted by Robert Burns on 5th Nov 2018

    I have purchased numerous mag holsters for the different guns I carry. These items are of excellent quality and fit my needs perfectly! The customer service from this company is simply awesome!!!

  • SnagMag P365 9mm

    Posted by Ken Caplin on 24th Oct 2018

    Been recommending (NRA Pistol Instructor) and using SnagMag when initially introduced. SnagMag works like a charm and I will continue recommending your mag holster

  • SnagMag review

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2018

    Works great -- is the solution to not packing too much, but having an extra mag close at hand. Perfect for both Sig 239 and 229. Highly recommended.

  • Another big win!

    Posted by David Vazquez on 16th Oct 2018

    These guys are great. Met them at the NRA show and bought a snag mag for my Glock 19. I’ve since bought one for my Glock 43 and recently for my P365. These products are great and I will continue to buy them.

  • Snagmag magazine holster

    Posted by Jeremy Jenkins on 27th Sep 2018

    I think this is a great product. I own 3 of them now, and I love them. Works and functions perfectly. takes care of the loose mag flopping around in my pocket. My only negative is that for a double stack stainless magazine, it gets a little wide and shows that it is a magazine and not a pocket knife. Still love it though.


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